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Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony to be Held for Segment III of Campus Parkway


CVV News-Posted: July 8, 2022

MERCED—Local officials will hold a ribbon-cutting ceremony for Segment III of the Campus Parkway Project at 9 a.m., July 8, 2022 on the Campus Parkway bridge over Bear Creek.

Representatives from Merced County, the City of Merced, the Merced County Association of Governments, Caltrans, UC Merced, and the State legislature will be on hand to discuss the significance of the project and hold a ceremonial ribbon-cutting before an inaugural drive up the completed expressway.

The Campus Parkway Corridor is part of Merced County’s Regional Plan to improve traffic circulation between Highway 99 and the UC Merced campus community.

Segment III extends the four-lane expressway from its current end near Highway 140 all the way to Yosemite Avenue. It includes roundabouts at Olive Avenue and Yosemite Avenue to safety and efficiently move traffic through.

The overall Campus Parkway Corridor project consists of a four-lane divided roadway extending 4.5 miles from the Mission Avenue exit off Highway 99 to Yosemite Avenue. Segment I from Mission Avenue to East Childs Avenue was completed in 2009. Segment II from East Childs Avenue to a ¼ mile past Highway 140 was completed in 2020. The Campus Parkway Corridor project also includes a north/south bike path that extends the length of the expressway. The entire project cost is approximately $100 million. Staff is currently working on a fourth segment of the project to extend Campus Parkway further north and connect it to Bellevue Road. 

Campus Parkway is part of the larger “Merced Loop System” that circles the City of Merced and connects surrounding communities. The Merced Loop System is designed to reduce congestion, improve connection to existing highways and stimulate economic development opportunities.

Those attending the July 8 ceremony can enter Campus Parkway from any of the following access points, then drive north to the event on the parkway:

Event signage will be in place and parking will be available along Campus Parkway. Participants are invited to join the inaugural drive up Campus Parkway following the conclusion of the ribbon-cutting. Please see the attached maps for additional details on the location of the event. 

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