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Don’t kiss off your lips. Protect them from damage and neglect.

Lip Care is an Important Part of Your Oral Health Routine

NAPSI l August 1, 2023

Lips are one of the most sensitive organs in the body, composed of more than a million nerves, yet they are often neglected and not treated properly. Without healthy, fully functioning lips, your everyday life would look very different­—which is why it’s so important to take the necessary steps to protect them. 

Why protect your lips 

Lips are the body’s thinnest and most fragile layer of skin, and lack the sweat glands—or sebaceous oil glands—necessary to provide strong protection. This combination of thin skin and lack of natural moisturizing leads to dryness and susceptibility to becoming chapped, especially in drastic weather conditions. Over time, untreated chapped lips could lead to severe oral deterioration and susceptibility to wounds. 

As seasons and temperatures change, your lips can be greatly affected if not properly cared for. During the hot summer months, it’s important to protect your lips with lip balm and SPF lip care. Continuous and unprotected sun exposure can cause breakage to the skin barrier and lead them to look aged and discolored, and in some cases, even to oral cancer. 

No matter the weather—or your age—it’s important to pay close attention to your lips, and to develop a regular lip care routine to help keep your lips soft, smooth and healthy. 

“The lips are one of the most overlooked parts of the body, and ongoing neglect can lead to serious consequences including mouth cancer,” warns Kyle Dosch, DDS, who serves as Delta Dental of Washington’s dental director. “It is important to schedule your twice annual check-ups with your dentist where they perform oral inspections to detect any urgent mouth issues.”

How can I protect my lips? 

Many think that licking your lips provides them with sufficient moisture but, in reality, this actually dries them out even more. To keep your lips hydrated, use a moisturizing lip balm, which can be applied as often as you feel your lips need a hydration boost. 

When looking for a good lip balm, check the ingredients for shea butter, which is a great source of moisturization. Also, when choosing a lip balm, check for SPF 30 or SPF 40. Even if it’s not sunny out, there are still strong UVA and UVB rays that can cause more damage to your lips, according to Healthline experts. 

Another way to protect your lips is by exfoliating at least once a week using sugar or salt mixed with your preferred nourishing oil, then follow up with a lip balm. Make sure, when exfoliating, you’re not applying too much pressure because you don’t want to break the skin barrier any further. 

Your body works in wonderful ways to communicate what it needs, so make sure to listen and look at what it is saying. Following these simple and easy steps will let your lips be full and healthy, which contributes to your overall well-being. 

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Maternal Health And Dental Health: How They’re Linked

 CVV News l July 28, 2022


(NAPSI)—Every step of the way, women, especially mothers, have a lot to juggle. While trying to conceive, being pregnant, raising children and going through menopause, their to-do lists are long. One important task which may not be the first to come to mind is maintaining good oral health. 

“Oral health plays a role in all stages of life and it pops up often for mothers,” said Kyle Dosch, DDS, a licensed dentist who serves as Delta Dental of Washington’s dental director. “Demonstrating and teaching the importance of good oral health habits is critical to the overall health and well-being of you and your family.”


There is evidence to suggest a correlation between oral health and fertility. Women with periodontal disease took nearly seven months to conceive, whereas women without periodontal disease took only five months, on average.

Early Pregnancy

Many expectant mothers experience morning sickness and, as bothersome as it is to go through, it can also have negative effects on a woman’s oral health, particularly her teeth. Stomach acid can weaken tooth enamel, leading to greater risk for cavities. Dentists recommend rinsing your mouth with water after vomiting to help wash away the acid. Choosing healthy snacks such as fruits and vegetables, which can help clean bacteria off teeth, as well as plenty of water, are best for when pregnancy cravings kick in.

During Pregnancy: What To Do When You’re Brushing For Two

Up to 75% of pregnant women have gingivitis, an early stage of periodontal disease. Periodontitis has been linked with having a negative effect on pregnancy, inducing premature birth or low birth weight of the baby. Regular dentist check-ups, brushing and flossing can help prevent this. 


Mothers with tooth decay can pass cavity-causing bacteria to their babies by doing such things as cleaning pacifiers in their own mouth. Rinsing with clean water is a safer way for mom to keep an eye on a baby’s oral health. 


Children of mothers who have high levels of untreated cavities or oral health problems are three times more likely to have cavities. This can be due to poor education on oral health or from sharing drinks and utensils. This can transfer cavity-causing bacteria from a mom’s mouth to a child’s. Taking time to brush and floss each day together can help keep mom and kids on track for their oral health goals. 

Perimenopause And Menopause

Teeth and gums are highly susceptible to hormonal changes which take place before and during menopause. Because of these hormonal changes, a woman’s body can have a harder time fighting off minor infections and maintaining a healthy balance between useful and harmful bacteria within the mouth and on the gums. These hormonal changes can also cause increased sensitivity for teeth. 

Visiting the dentist regularly will help keep these risks at bay. 

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